Professional Development Scholarship Program accepting applications in 2023

What could up to $3,000 do for your career? The newly designed Professional Development Scholarship Program is returning in 2023. The scholarship is designed to assist King County employees who are represented by a union in the Coalition of Unions with their professional development by providing financial assistance to help obtain training, certificates, degrees, licenses, and certifications related to work performed at King County.

Applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • A comprehensive leave benefited employee (excluding Term-Limited Temporary (TLT)) represented by one of the unions in the Coalition who has completed their initial probationary period; AND
  • Has completed at least one year of full- or part-time King County employment in a position eligible for comprehensive leave benefits. This includes time spent in a TLT position IF there is no break in service between positions; AND
  • Has no documented performance or discipline issues for at least one year from the date the employee submitted the scholarship application form.

Important 2023 dates:

  • January 9-February 5, 2023: First application period
  • March 20-24, 2023: First period award notifications
  • May 8-June 4, 2023: Second application period
  • July 31-August 4, 2023: Second period award notifications

For more information:

Visit the program website: or register for a scholarship information session.

For queries, please email