2022 Annual Giving Drive: Organizations that support people with disabilities

During the Annual Giving Drive, selecting a charitable organization can sometimes seems like a daunting task because there are so many important causes that need support. To help you choose, the King County Disability Equity Network (KCDEN) put together a list below of some of the many charitable organizations that support those with disabilities. The Annual Giving Drive runs through Friday, Nov. 18.

Not all disabilities are outwardly apparent. Many people with disabilities perform their jobs successfully alongside you every day. KCDEN’s purpose is to support those employees who self-identify as a person with a disability. KCDEN does not endorse any particular charitable organization. If you have questions about the Employee Giving Program (EGP), reach out to your Division or Department EGP Ambassadors. To learn more about KCDEN, please contact disabilityequity@kingcounty.gov.