Safety video: Walkpools = safety in numbers

Our first priority is your safety and security at work, and we are continuing to partner with law enforcement, community, and other governments to ensure a safer, more welcoming environment in and around our facilities.

Here’s another tip to help you stay safe. Walkpooling is a buddy-up initiative that helps employees travel safely by walking to and from work with a buddy. Walkpools are an option if you walk long distances, walk early in the morning or late in the evening, or have to navigate transit stations.

Walkpools give you safety in numbers, a boost in your daily step count, and can lead to new and stronger friendships with your walkpool buddies. Check out our video, or visit the Employee Transportation Program website for more information. Watch for additional videos with safety tips this year.

For more information on employee safety programs and resources, check out the Future of Work Personal Safety at Work intranet page (employees only) and