Community Conversation Series: Indigenous Voices, Truth and Movements Amplified

King County employees and Native American Leadership Council affinity group members come together for a conversation on what Indigenous Peoples Day means to them, and how we’re not meant to celebrate on just one day or celebrate Native American Heritage Month for just one month, but all year round and for a lifetime. Your colleagues Stacey McQuade (OESJ), Katherine Festa (NALC, DCHS) and Avreayl Jacobson (NALC, DCHS) joined host Ninona Boujrada (NALC, PH-SKC) to discuss the call to action to move from the performative to transformative change in the recognition of Indigenous communities.

This is the first video of a three-part video series that will be published in Employee News throughout the month of November. These videos will feature Indigenous and Native community members, King County employees, youth and elders on the movement to increase awareness of the diverse experiences, culture, stories of struggle and resilience within the Native community. We’re still here. Watch the video below.