Tech Tip: Practice good IT “hygiene” – restart your computer regularly

Did you know your computer’s operating system is updated several times a year? This update happens behind the scenes, but requires you to restart your computer. This restart can take several minutes. Your computer may offer to reschedule this required restart until later, but will only allow you to postpone once or twice – you can’t delay the update forever! Most updates include important features such as new virus protections that are critical for the safety of King County’s systems.

Please practice good IT “hygiene” and restart your computer regularly! Be sure your computer is connected to the internet at home or at the office, and is plugged into a power source. To avoid impacts to your daily work, KCIT recommends restarting your computer on a regular basis at a time that’s not impactful to your work (such as when you’re ready to log off for the day).