Have your say in upcoming ESJ Plan Refresh sessions

King County is refreshing the county’s Equity and Social Justice (ESJ) Strategic Plan, and you’re invited to share your ideas and experiences and help shape the plan.

All Come Awareness Raising Sessions 

Participate in the All Come Awareness Raising Sessions and learn more about the current plan and future engagement opportunities. Join virtually for one of the following sessions: 

If you are unable to attend these sessions, they will be recorded and posted on the ESJ Strategic Plan Refresh Sharepoint website.  

Identity-based Affinity Spaces 

Any employee can opt-in to identity-based affinity spaces, which will focus on uplifting the voices of on-site, shift, and customer-facing workers.  

Facilitators will engage with these employees to talk about how to create a more equitable workplace by focusing on what’s working, what’s not working, and what King County can improve.  

Identity-based affinity spaces include: 

  • Black and African affinity space 
  • East, Southeast, and South Asian affinity space  
  • Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander affinity space  
  • Native American and Alaska Native affinity space  
  • Latinx affinity space  
  • Mixed-Race/Bi-Racial affinity space 
  • Pro-Equity/Anti-Racist White affinity space 
  • Women affinity space 
  • Black, Indigenous & other People of Color (BIPOC) Leader affinity space (on-site supervisors, crew chiefs, etc.) 
  • Disability Equity affinity space 
  • LGBTQ+ affinity space 
  • Military & Vets affinity space 
  • Immigrants and Refugees affinity space 
  • Affinity Space for Interested Employees Not Identified Above 

While any employee can attend these affinity spaces, these sessions are designed to create an environment where people are more courageously able to share their perspectives based on shared identities. Because space is limited, within these identity-based spaces, the perspectives of employees who are on-site, customer-facing, or shift workers will be centered. 

You do not need to be an active member of an affinity group to participate in these spaces. Presenters will share more about the Identity-based affinity spaces during the All Come Awareness Raising Sessions, but those interested can opt in here.  Please submit your Opt-In Form by April 11, 2023.

This is an exciting opportunity to engage and provide information and ideas on how King County can improve its workplace culture, increase equity in workforce practices, and ensure inclusion and belonging for all employees.