Kudos! King County earns national award for innovative program

King County has been recognized with an Achievement Award from the National Association of Counties (NACo). The awards honor top county government programs that are innovative and enhance services for their residents. NACo recognized King County’s eAppeals – Online Property Assessment Appeals Program for its 2014 Achievement Award in the category of Information Technology. eAppeals allows property owners to file an appeal of their property valuation on-line. eAppeals users can compare the valuations of comparable properties, forecast potential tax savings and submit evidence to support their appeal digitally as part of the… Read More

Kudos! Jack Millman, Metro Transit Operator

I just wanted to write in and say that this bus driver totally made my night last week!  I sometimes am nervous taking the bus this late at night by myself, but his friendly attitude greeting everyone as they came on the bus instantly put me at ease.  He was joking and commenting about different locations along the route and made everyone smile. I wish I had caught his name, but hopefully you can pass along the note that I appreciated his friendly attitude. – K. Renee

Kudos! Congratulation on award for leading healthier lives

On June 10 we celebrated winning the Harvard Innovations Award, awarded to King County for our Healthy Incentives Program. We had a great time remembering all of the things that make this program unique and, for some of our employees, life-saving. The “What’s Your Reason” video that our co-workers put together is just the tip of the kind of creativity that led Harvard to award us this prize. Harvard Professor Stephen Goldsmith, who presented us with the plaque, told us we won not necessarily because we saved money but because we did it in… Read More

Kudos! Christine Nguyen, Customer Service Specialist III, Records and Licensing Services Division, DES

Good day, I was overseas for a year and when I returned, decided to get some personalized plates. There was a Christine who helped me at your 4th Street [Avenue] Office in Seattle at approximately 3:30 p.m. last Friday [May 2]. She not only took my plate application, but also let me know I could get tabs early (they were good until August, so I didn’t think it was possible to get them done early). She also reminded me that a new emissions test would also be needed and gave me excellent directions to… Read More

Kudos! Public Health Preparedness gets perfect score in CDC review

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has awarded Public Health’s Preparedness Section a perfect score of 100 in a recent assessment of its ability to receive, stage, store, distribute, and dispense medications during a public health emergency. In 2004, the CDC established the Cities Readiness Initiative (CRI) to increase preparedness for biological disasters and protect the public if there is a public health emergency in the nation’s largest metropolitan areas. A public health emergency could include an anthrax attack, an influenza pandemic, or a natural disaster that affects the health of a… Read More

Kudos! Tino Brown, Metro Transit Operator

I would like to compliment driver Tino Brown. Tino operates his bus (Route 197) as if it is an extension of himself. As I see it he is comfortable driving and is alert to other drivers informing them that the bus is near them. He gets us to our destination as quick as safely possible. He also has a “good morning” for everyone as they enter and leave the bus; very refreshing. Please let Tino know that he is doing a great job – Kathleen

Kudos! IT Service Center, KCIT

Here are some kudos from employees about the customer service they received from the IT Service Center: Speedy response. Stayed on the line with me to make sure it worked, and snap, I was in. Thanks, Service Center.  —  J. W. I had a pleasant experience this time. I did not have to wait long to get someone on the phone and the person who helped me is very helpful and knowledgeable.  Good job KCIT!    —  L. S. Service was perfect!  Thank you  —  T. O. That was the best experience I have had… Read More

Kudos! “Rave” for Burke-Gilman Trail improvements in Seattle Times

King County’s upgrades to the Burke-Gilman Trail got a shout-out in The Seattle Times last month: “Rave to King County for Burke-Gilman Trail surface improvements between Log Boom Park and Woodinville that make the trail safer, especially in wet, low-light and debris conditions” – The Seattle Times, March 9, 2014

Kudos! Housing Repair Program, Community and Human Services

The Community Services Division’s Housing Repair Program (HRP) provides interest-free loan and emergency grant services directly to low- and moderate-income home owners in King County, outside the city of Seattle, to repair their homes and help preserve our region’s stock of affordable housing. This program also provides grants to individual low-income renters with a disability to help make their housing more accessible. The City of Snoqualmie has expressed appreciation for HRP for helping a Snoqualmie home owner obtain the required matching funds for his FEMA grant to elevate his family’s home out… Read More

Kudos! Priscilla Harper, King County Recorder’s Office, Dept. of Executive Services

Hi Jon (Scherer, Recording Manager), I wanted to give a big thank you to Priscilla Harper for helping me with a critical situation and I asked for your information that I might let you know what she did for me.  I believe recognition is important and here’s my story:  My wife and I were married back in May, 2013 and we went through the normal process to send in our application and certificate of Marriage. Somehow, our documentation never arrived at the Recorder’s Office in time. I had paid for and kept receipts of when… Read More