Kudos! Public Health nurse receives Shining Star award

The King County Nurses Association selected Christina Enriquez (pictured left) from the Auburn Public Health Center as one of its two Shining Star Award recipients at the 2015 Annual Meeting & Spring Banquet on May 7. The KCNA presents annual awards to nurses who demonstrate excellence in their areas of practice or contribute significantly to the nursing profession. In recognizing Christina, the KCNA noted that “Christina Enriquez has been a nurse at Auburn Public Health for 29 years, providing maternity support services and infant case management, including services to Child Protective Services… Read More

Kudos! Michael Gish, Metro Link Light Rail Operator

This is a commendation for the motorman on a Link Light Rail train and the security personnel at Westlake Station. The particular train arrived northbound at Westlake Station at about 11:20 PM on January 30 and left southbound at about 1:40. After leaving the station and heading to my apartment on First Hill, I realized after a couple of blocks that I had left my backpack on the train, which also had the keys to my apartment. I hurried back to the station and contacted security.  They outlined the “lost and found”… Read More

Kudos! Kyle M. Gulke, Metro Transit Operator

Good Morning, This message is overdue by a couple of weeks, and I apologize. But I want to make sure that this bus driver gets kudos. This happened on January 30th, 2015. His name is Kyle, and he was driving bus number 9540z (not sure if there was a z on the end of that number or if I accidentally hit it when putting it in my phone). It was the 522 bus at 7:58am south bound on the Bothell Way and 153rd St in Lake Forest Park stop. This was a… Read More

Kudos! New video spotlights program that gives veterans new skills

King County is partnering with 4Culture, Historic Seattle and local construction firms to give returning military veterans new skills that they can use in building restoration and preservation careers. VETS RESTORE is a new education and career opportunity for returning military veterans in King County where participants are trained in preservation carpentry and introduced to the building rehabilitation trades. The mission of VETS RESTORE is to connect veterans with the valuable work of revitalizing America’s historic building stock. In this video, Bryan Fry with the King County Veterans’ Program shares how diverse opportunities,… Read More

Kudos! Margaret Thompson, Printing Production Specialist/Technician

Margaret Thompson is a Customer Service Hero because customer service is her primary focus even though she is “behind the scenes”. She understands that what she produces in the Print Shop helps other county agencies accomplish their mission of promoting the programs and services King County delivers. Margaret goes above and beyond the norm by immediately contacting her customers when she finds a discrepancy in the work order request. Her patience and dedication to create the best products are displayed when she helps the customer resolve issues associated with their work order… Read More

Kudos! Ruth Ann Dunn, Metro Transit Operator

Greetings Harold [Taniguchi, Director, Department of Transportation], I am writing to let you know that tonight, your bus operator, route 17 bus #2737, was excellent at working with a rider with special needs. She was able to diffuse a potentially difficult interaction between passengers, and develop a trust with this young man in a very short time. Her calm and caring command, her extra helpfulness, and lack of judgmental treatment, helped all of us riders. I am sure that this young man left the bus with a little less anxiety and a little more… Read More

Kudos! Vickie S. Stanley, Metro Transit Operator

We took bus 7037 on route 14 Saturday, June 28th. We accidentally went the wrong direction but the bus driver, Vickie Stanley, was so helpful. She recognized we were from out-of-town and pointed out the sights we went by. And she assured us she would help us find our stop. She even offered to meet us later with coupons to get discount prices at the tourist places. We exchanged phone numbers and plan to keep in touch, especially if she ever makes it to Arizona. A bus driver became a fast friend… Read More

Kudos! Metro Transit Operator Philip H. Moseley

Good Morning – I just got on the Rapid B Line to Redmond from Bellevue Transit Center. Bus #6029. This bus driver is BY FAR the most pleasant driver I have ever encountered while riding Metro. He greeted EVERY driver with a smile and a “Good Morning.” Way to go Metro for employing such a wonderful, energetic, and Safe driver!! Just thought you should know!! – Anna T

Kudos! Public Defense employees help client build career path

Edwin Aralica, a felony attorney at Associated Counsel for the Department of Public Defense’s Accused Division (ACAD), and Sue Wood, a mitigation specialist at ACAD, recently learned that their efforts to help a young single mother have made a profound difference in her life. Edwin and Sue successfully kept their client out of prison and got her into the new Family Offender Sentencing Alternative program, despite the prosecutor’s opposition. Edwin also helped her address some other legal issues in her life, including a problem with her driver’s license. She now has her GED, has completed… Read More

Kudos! Detective Edward Christian and Deputy Michael Cavell, King County Sheriff’s Office

A huge thank you to Detective Christian and Deputy Michael Cavell for their concern and prompt response when my cell phone was stolen at Century Link event center before the WSU game on August 28th. These two gentleman jumped right in to help me, and actually figured out who the thief was by doing a quick, intelligent investigation on the spot. Within 90 minutes, they were able to identify the thief, confront her and arrest her; and I got my phone back that evening… Deputy Cavell and Detective Christian… went above and beyond… Read More