Kudos! Metro Transit Operator Route 64

Recently, a King County Metro bus rider tweeted her appreciation for a job well done, while out on her route. Do you have kudos to share? Email them to us and we will include them in the newsletter and KC Employees website.

Administrative Professional recognized by peers

Like all King County departments and agencies, the Human Resources Division is working on multiple wide-ranging programs and requests at any one time, and its employees rely heavily on the support of its administrative professionals to deliver services to County employees and customers. Ask any HRD employee and they’ll likely tell you that the reason the division is able to run smoothly is administrator Kimberly Robinson, who recently celebrated 10 years with King County and HRD. Robinson is a member of the HRD Administrative Team that provides high level administrative support to… Read More

Kudos! Four employees spotlighted in The Seattle Times’ Women in the Trades feature

Four King County employees were featured in The Seattle Times’ portrait series “Women in the Trades,” a look into Puget Sound’s hardworking women. Mari Jane Friel (pictured right) and Liesel Brus with Road Services Division, and Kate Osborn and  Stacey Walker with Wastewater Treatment Division, spoke about their jobs in what have been traditionally male fields, and what they love about their work. “I love what I do,’’ Friel, a laborer with Road Services Division, said. “It’s something different every day.”

Kudos! David Yoshizumi, Senior Animal Control Officer, Regional Animal Services of King County

Hello Tim and Gene, We had a recent experience with one of your Field Agents who services Carnation, WA.  I do not have his card in front of me, but I wanted to pass on my deep appreciation for the service he provided to us!! Our situation was that an elderly neighbor had left their cat (healthy and older) with us when they sold their home and went to assisted living.  The cat was an outdoor cat with a “friend” who hung around with him who was quite sickly.  Like the neighbor… Read More

Kudos! Metro Transit names Operator, Vehicle Maintenance Employees of the Year

Metro Transit employees John Boone and Ryan Stringfellow were recently honored with the Operator and Vehicle Maintenance Employee of the Year awards. Bellevue Base operator John Boone was honored on June 24 as Metro’s 2014 Transit Operator of the Year. At the surprise ceremony, held in the East Base Vehicle Maintenance bay, he was interviewed by local TV outlets before being escorted on stage. Boone was chosen by his fellow 2014 Operators of the Month because of his long and excellent record of providing high-quality customer service to his riders. One of… Read More

Kudos! DCHS employee named Outstanding Woman Veteran of the Year

The Washington Department of Veterans Affair’s Women’s Advisory Board named King County employee, Debra Wood, its 2015 Outstanding Woman Veteran of the Year. A Vietnam-era veteran, Debra received the award for her dedication and volunteer work as an advocate for veterans and their families with a focus on military sexual trauma survivors. Debra manages the administrative staff for King County Community Services Division in the Department of Community and Human Services. While her work hours are filled with helping the community, her enthusiasm extends past work hours. In her free time, Debra… Read More

Kudos! King County’s leading digital services earn national honor

King County has been named one of the nation’s “Top 10 Digital Counties” in a 2015 survey conducted by the Center for Digital Government and the National Association of Counties. This is an honor King County has received in 10 of the past 11 years. As a King County employee, you undoubtedly use technology to get your work done. The same is true for many of our 2 million residents, who are accessing and engaging with our services in exciting new ways. Throughout the County, technology is playing an increasingly important role in… Read More

Kudos! Public Health nurse receives Shining Star award

The King County Nurses Association selected Christina Enriquez (pictured left) from the Auburn Public Health Center as one of its two Shining Star Award recipients at the 2015 Annual Meeting & Spring Banquet on May 7. The KCNA presents annual awards to nurses who demonstrate excellence in their areas of practice or contribute significantly to the nursing profession. In recognizing Christina, the KCNA noted that “Christina Enriquez has been a nurse at Auburn Public Health for 29 years, providing maternity support services and infant case management, including services to Child Protective Services… Read More

Kudos! Michael Gish, Metro Link Light Rail Operator

This is a commendation for the motorman on a Link Light Rail train and the security personnel at Westlake Station. The particular train arrived northbound at Westlake Station at about 11:20 PM on January 30 and left southbound at about 1:40. After leaving the station and heading to my apartment on First Hill, I realized after a couple of blocks that I had left my backpack on the train, which also had the keys to my apartment. I hurried back to the station and contacted security.  They outlined the “lost and found”… Read More

Kudos! Kyle M. Gulke, Metro Transit Operator

Good Morning, This message is overdue by a couple of weeks, and I apologize. But I want to make sure that this bus driver gets kudos. This happened on January 30th, 2015. His name is Kyle, and he was driving bus number 9540z (not sure if there was a z on the end of that number or if I accidentally hit it when putting it in my phone). It was the 522 bus at 7:58am south bound on the Bothell Way and 153rd St in Lake Forest Park stop. This was a… Read More