Kudos! Priscilla Harper, King County Recorder’s Office, Dept. of Executive Services

Hi Jon (Scherer, Recording Manager),

I wanted to give a big thank you to Priscilla Harper for helping me with a critical situation and I asked for your information that I might let you know what she did for me.  I believe recognition is important and here’s my story: 

My wife and I were married back in May, 2013 and we went through the normal process to send in our application and certificate of Marriage. Somehow, our documentation never arrived at the Recorder’s Office in time. I had paid for and kept receipts of when we filed it in Kirkland but ended up coming down to the offices on 500 Fourth Ave. the day our license had to be officially in at about 4:30PM. The office was closed already and we were out of luck to file… The problem this posed for me and my wife was that we were having a baby in December and in order for her to be accepted on our insurance, we had to be recognized as a legal marriage by the date we showed up at 4:30. I explained my situation to Priscilla and she thankfully helped us push through our issue even after the doors were closed.  Long story short, She saved us possibly up to $5000.00 in medical costs to this technicality of our license paperwork not showing up on time. Our licensing paperwork did show up later in the month and had been in limbo somewhere (no one knows) for several weeks. Regardless, we are very thankful that our baby was born covered by our insurance due to Priscilla simply hearing our needs and taking care of them even though she did not have to. I do not have her e-mail address, but please pass this along to her. I have been meaning to send this off to you for a few weeks.

Much appreciated! Matthew L., Redmond WA.