Kudos! Housing Repair Program, Community and Human Services

The Community Services Division’s Housing Repair Program (HRP) provides interest-free loan and emergency grant services directly to low- and moderate-income home owners in King County, outside the city of Seattle, to repair their homes and help preserve our region’s stock of affordable housing. This program also provides grants to individual low-income renters with a disability to help make their housing more accessible.

The City of Snoqualmie has expressed appreciation for HRP for helping a Snoqualmie home owner obtain the required matching funds for his FEMA grant to elevate his family’s home out of harm’s way from future flood disasters. City of Snoqualmie staff says that Housing Repair Program’s “quick response to the homeowner’s funding needs is truly amazing! We hope to work together again in the future.”

Way to go, HRP – thank you for the wonderful services you provide! (Excerpted from the Department of Community and Human Services’ Touching Base newsletter.)