FBI honors probation counselor for work with sexually exploited youth

In late 2013, Deb Stuckman, a Juvenile Probation Counselor with Superior Court, was recognized by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for her work to help commercially sexually-exploited youth.

Deb received the award “…for your excellent work with the Central Sound Child Exploitation Task Force that has achieved notable success in major crime control efforts. Your close cooperation with officers from other jurisdictions also contributed to the Task Force’s successes on behalf of the public. These operations are complex and sensitive, and the FBI is grateful for your outstanding contributions.”

Deb began working for King County Juvenile Court in May 2005. About a year later she became involved with the collaborative efforts around juvenile domestic minor sex trafficking. This collaboration was in the very early stages and included a few members of the Seattle Police Departments Vice section, a few probation officers, and local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) doing outreach work with at-risk youth.

About four years ago, Deb was approached by the Special Agent in Charge of what was then known as the Innocence Lost Task Force. Deb meets with the Task Force twice a month, as time permits, and maintains her contact with other organizations.

Deb has attended many local and national trainings which has led to an incredible knowledge base, and she is always willing to share her expertise and information with others who have questions and concerns, and to address issues that arise.

“The majority of work that I do with the Task Force is collaboration,” Deb said. “I work with officers from agencies throughout the region to ensure services are in place, they are connected to some sort of system or advocacy program—or often both. If a network of communication needs to be set up, I do my best to assist. I also work to advocate within my own agency to promote best practices when working with youth who are involved in commercial sexual exploitation or are at high risk.”

She continues to collaborate with the local NGOs to increase awareness within the department of available services and to familiarize advocates and case managers with the court process. Deb also works with the Commercially Exploited Youth Multidisciplinary Team Coordinator discussing this multifaceted issue, brainstorming issues, looking forward, and supporting the work that is being done.

The Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC) Hotline is 855-400-CSEC or 855-400-2732.

(Excerpted from The Superior Court / Department of Judicial Administration Newsletter).