Home Repair Program makes life easier for local family

Before the King County Housing Repair Program, Shawn Price had to carry her son Elijah, who suffers from a rare form of muscular dystrophy, up and down the stairs to her home.

“I would take him out of the wheelchair, pick him up and carry him up the stairs,” Price said. “You have to do it so I took muscle relaxers and I would just do it, it was a lot of pain.”

Now, thanks to the program, Price was able to install a ramp leading to her front door.

“It’s a beautiful ramp, it contributes to the house,” Price said.

The King County Housing Repair Program offers loans and grants to low- to moderate-income households to enable necessary household repair projects such as fixing roofs, pipes, electrical systems and flooring. Residents, who qualify for assistance based on their income, receive no interest loans and no payments due until the house is sold. Watch the KCTV video.