Employee’s work helps to save a veteran

Jodi Riley-Kauer, a Social Worker with the Department of Community and Human Services Veterans Program, recently helped a veteran (“John”) who was homeless and having a really hard time finding work. Jodi Riley-Kauer

“Jodi said she would help me, but on the condition that I would follow her direction, which I did,” John said.

After a few meetings, Jodi recommended that John go to the Veterans Administration medical center to be screened for mental illness.

“I knew she was probably right because I had thoughts of hurting myself and had some anger built up inside me.”

John is now being treated and has also moved into his own apartment. He says that because of Jodi’s experience and caring, it’s fair to say that she saved him and he is happier and feeling better about life.

Photo: Jodi with her husband, Roy A. A. Kauer III, a retired Army veteran. (Excerpted from DCHS’ Touching Base newsletter)