Employees learn about ethnic and disability media

On Monday, July 28, King County staff spent a valuable morning learning more about the richness of ethnic and disability media in King County. The event included a panel of ethnic and disability media journalists, a networking session, and a Q&A session with Executive Constantine. The event provided various opportunities for King County employees and the Executive to interact with the ethnic and disability media. 

Panelists shared great advice about working with ethnic and disability media to serve the growing diversification of people living in King County.

“We encourage you to contact us to help you in the development of your messages, content and approach to advertisement in a culturally sensitive manner,” said Teresa Jones from Univision TV.

King County Executive Dow Constantine expressed King County’s commitment to work more with the ethnic and disability media to serve the information needs of the increasingly diverse King County population. The audience asked various questions about King County’s plans to reach non-English speaking communities and ethnic groups with information about King County programs or services.  

Ethnic Media Event

(Excerpted from the King County Equity and Social Justice Partner Newsletter, August 2014)