WTD employee (and artist) helps kids create mural

Seattle University’s CitySoil Farm collaborated with Ricardo Israel, a local artist and Wastewater Treatment Division (WTD) South Treatment Plant employee, and the Renton Area Youth Services (RAYS) to design an aerosol art mural in Renton.

Ricardo designed and created the center piece of the art installation and the youth group made several quarter-sized pieces to surround the centerpiece. The students created images of bugs, flowers, trees, fruits and vegetables. Mural WTD 2

The mural will be displayed on the treatment plant’s fence facing Grady Way, and visible to passersby from I-405. Views of the mural will also be available from the Black River Trail and a nearby bus stop.

CitySoil farm offers environmental and food system education and donates all produce to the local food banks. Students touring the treatment plant also spend time in the garden planting, harvesting, and learning more about biosolids.

Twelve students participated in a hands-on food systems experience and aerosol art design orientation at the farm on July 29 followed by a day of aerosol artwork led by Ricardo on August 7.

Mural WTD 1

A grant from 4Culture, the cultural services agency for King County, provided a stipend to Ricardo and the members of the youth group.

Opportunities like this are an amazing way to educate local youth about our good work,” said Pam Elardo, Division Director, Wastewater Treatment Division. “Public art brings communities together – and I am proud that Ricardo was able to showcase his talents and take part in public outreach. A special thanks to CitySoil farm for providing education opportunities and making our treatment plant a sustainable, beautiful place for all.”

(Article courtesy of Pam Elardo, Director, WTD)