Kudos! Tiffany Frank, Customer Service Specialist III, Records and Licensing Services Division

A customer called to express her thanks for the service she received from Tiffany Frank in the Recorder’s Office. You can listen to the customer’s voicemail here or read the transcript below.

My name is Ernestine Rutledge and I’m a senior citizen that had to have some documents completed and recorded on my house and adding my daughter onto my deed and I just wanted to call and let you know that the people who are answering your phone are just absolutely wonderful. Everyone I talked to took the time and gave me information on where to go on the website and they were just awesome, awesome, awesome. In addition to that, I tried to complete the forms and I took them down today and I met this angel, named Tiffany. she was just perfect for me, she gave me all the information, she helped me she didn’t make me feel stupid, she didn’t look at me like I was crazy. She was wonderful. She helped me and I got my form filed and I felt like I had done something. She said, “you know did really well without a lawyer,” and I know that she probably was thinking,” you should have gotten one,” but she didn’t say that to me, she said, “you did well.” And she herself was absolutely wonderful. But I wanted to have you give that information to her and if I need to type it up and send it to your office so you can read it in the staff meeting or whatever, I just wanted to let somebody know down here because you hear so much negative stuff that everybody I talked to were absolutely efficient, wonderful, courteous, and then I met Tiffany today and that just sealed the deal for me. So congratulations to what you’re doing down there, keep it up, keep helping us and keep helping us senior citizens, so you have a blessed day, thank you.