Kudos! Public Defense employees help client build career path

Edwin Aralica, a felony attorney at Associated Counsel for the Department of Public Defense’s Accused Division (ACAD), and Sue Wood, a mitigation specialist at ACAD, recently learned that their efforts to help a young single mother have made a profound difference in her life. Edwin and Sue successfully kept their client out of prison and got her into the new Family Offender Sentencing Alternative program, despite the prosecutor’s opposition. Edwin also helped her address some other legal issues in her life, including a problem with her driver’s license. She now has her GED, has completed chemical dependency treatment and is enrolled in an apprenticeship program. Her Department of Corrections Community Corrections Officer (CCO) sent an email to Edwin recently, thanking him for his ongoing support. “It made a world of difference for her,” the CCO said. Without his helping her keep her driver’s license, the CCO added, “She might not ever have gotten into the college trade classes.”