KCIT employee gets some help from technology and four-legged friend

Dan JohnsonNext time you contact KCIT for email or SharePoint help, you may be talking to an employee who has a four-legged friend helping him in his work day.

Dan Johnson, a Systems Engineer with King County’s Department of Information Technology, has been with the County since 1997, initially in the KCIT Help Desk, and now supporting a range of Exchange email, SharePoint and cloud-based services for employees.

“My work focus has expanded far beyond Exchange email to include unified communications, the Office 365 suite, and distributed administration and security,” Dan said. “I used to support one major application/service, Exchange Server. Now, I support many cloud-based services and also do much more project work along with also providing day-to-day operational support for all the systems mentioned above [SharePoint, Exchange Online Protection, CRM, Office Web Apps].”

Dan is partially sighted and uses a number of magnifying and text-to-voice tools and software that allow him to access written materials such as emails, documents and internet.

“I use a program called Zoomtext to enlarge the computer screen,” Dan said. “This product also provides speech output for reviewing larger bodies of text. I also use a CCTV-close circuit television to enlarge printed materials. I also have a portable device that produces speech output for any type of text, book or technical documentation as well as provide note-taking abilities.”

But perhaps Dan’s most important accommodation is his guide dog. “My guide dog named Faber helps get me to/from the office safely,” Dan said. “We graduated from Guide Dogs for the Blind in May of 2009, so we have been together five-and-a-half years.“

October is Disability Awareness Month. Find out how you can get involved at King County.

One Comment on “KCIT employee gets some help from technology and four-legged friend

  1. If you have not met Dan and Faber, make sure you do soon. My family makes a monthly gift to Guide Dogs for the Blind and I would ask you to join me in supporting this great group.

    Way to go Dan and Faber!!

    All the best,

    John Briggs