WTD Bright Ideas winner and finalists in the WEF Operations Ingenuity Contest

WTD Bright Ideas winnerThe Wastewater Treatment Division (WTD) “Bright Ideas” program is a system for continuous improvement through employee ideas. Employees can submit and track their ideas through an online tool.

This year, the Water Environment Federation (WEF), an international wastewater industry leader, awarded Stanley Caberto, master industrial maintenance mechanic, the “Gadget Guru Award for Resourcefulness” for three inventions he created that help keep vital facilities running smoothly.

Also included in the Ingenuity contest as finalists who found “an imaginative, inventive and resourceful solution to a pesky problem”: 1) WTD’s branding team who developed the “Protecting Our Waters: Doing Our Part on Rainy Days” campaign for our combined sewer overflow (CSO) program to improve how we teach people about CSOs; and 2) Annie Kolb-Nelson, communications and media relations specialist, for her work leading the development of the “Flushing Awesome” campaign which teaches people what not to flush.