2015 MLK calendars available starting December 8

We are thrilled folks love the King County calendars and await them eagerly. We appreciate your patience! Calendars will start arriving to distribution points during the week of December 8, 2014. We are unable to deliver to each office, so please check below for your nearest distribution point.

EMPLOYEES OUTSIDE THE DOWNTOWN AREA: Calendars will be delivered to county offices outside the downtown area, so please wait for the delivery. If you do not have a calendar by December 16, please call 206-263-2444 and we will direct you to a location where you can pick up a calendar.

EMPLOYEES ON THE DOWNTOWN CAMPUS: Calendars will be available at distribution points after they are delivered December 8. Please go to the nearest distribution point to get your calendar.

Employees in these downtown Seattle buildings can get calendars at these general distribution locations:

  • Administration Building: Bill Dubay, Suite 708 (Assessments)
  • Courthouse: Wilena Montgomery, 2nd Floor (DAJD)
  • Chinook Building: Mary Rainey, 3rd Floor (FBOD)
  • King Street Center: Yolanda Geyen, cube 4364 (DOT)

Employees in these downtown Seattle offices can get calendars from these contact people:

  • County Council: Linda Davis
  • Executive’s Office: Rosa Orams
  • PSB: Ayesha Kelly
  • Prosecuting Attorney’s Office: Ronni Mashita (for Administration Building)
  • KCIT: Christine Ynzunza
  • HRD: Kimberly Robinson
  • District Court: Heather Dean (all District Court locations)
  • Superior Court: Kathryn Schipper
  • DCHS: Amber Hebert
  • DPD: Leslie Brown
  • DNRP/Solid Waste: Chris Varo
  • DNRP/Parks: Kathy Nygard or Matt Perkins
  • Public Health: Stephanie Scappini

People with questions about calendar distribution may contact Paula Harris-White at 206-263-2444 or paula.harris-white@kingcounty.gov.

PUBLIC: Calendars will be available to the public at the annual MLK Celebration on January 15, 2015. King County employees have priority for the calendars. If any remain after the celebration, they will be available to the public.