Bridge Fellows graduate from development program

The first cohort of Bridge Fellows have graduated from the inaugural Bridge Fellowship program, part of King County’s commitment to empowering and developing its employees.

The Bridge Fellowship program selected applicants from across the County to participate in a one-year leadership development program designed to advance participants’ careers with King County.

The employees who participated in the program learned more about King County as an organization, shadowed employees in other County roles, created development plans for growth, and worked collaboratively on a team project designed to extend the knowledge of Equity and Social Justice across King County.

Bridge Fellowship graduates (below from left to right): Dan Kenny (DOT), Bill Stockman (DOT), Debra Baker (DPD), Kimberlee Sawyer (DNRP), Sung Cho (DCHS), Leeza Jones (DES), Ebony Martin (DAJD), Barbara Pastores (DOT).