CASA program needs volunteers

Each year in King County, more than 12,000 children are separated from their families due to abuse or neglect. With the support of foster programs, many of the children are placed in foster care for the time being their parents are in court. But who represents the children in court?

Court Appointed Special Advocates are trained volunteers who represent the children and their best interests during the legal process.

“We say that a CASA is the voice of the child,” Pamela Beatty, a CASA volunteer said. “We do the speaking for the children. We have heard the children, we have talked to the children, we’ve visited their schools, we’ve talked to their families and we get a sense of what is going to be best for the child in the long run.

But CASA is facing a problem – a shortage of volunteers. In King County, there can be upwards of 300 kids waiting to be matched with a CASA volunteer. The program especially needs volunteers from diverse communities, and male volunteers to be role models. Watch a short KCTV video to learn more.