Kudos! Metro Transit names Operator, Vehicle Maintenance Employees of the Year

Metro Transit employees John Boone and Ryan Stringfellow were recently honored with the Operator and Vehicle Maintenance Employee of the Year awards.

John Boone (middle), named Metro's 2014 Transit Operator of the Year

John Boone (middle), named Metro’s 2014 Transit Operator of the Year

Bellevue Base operator John Boone was honored on June 24 as Metro’s 2014 Transit Operator of the Year. At the surprise ceremony, held in the East Base Vehicle Maintenance bay, he was interviewed by local TV outlets before being escorted on stage. Boone was chosen by his fellow 2014 Operators of the Month because of his long and excellent record of providing high-quality customer service to his riders. One of his satisfied customers urged us to “Hire more drivers like him.” Another said, “He had lots of info for people new in the area and is just a great, great guy with a positive attitude.”

Boone has earned a 34-year safe driving award, has received 35 commendations, and has been named Operator of the Month numerous times. Outside of work, he volunteers at the hydroplane races and the Unlimited Hydroplane and Race Boat Museum, and is a diehard Seahawks fan. In fact, he was the driving force behind Metro’s “Blue Friday” tradition, which permits Metro employees to wear Seahawks attire during a playoff season. So perhaps his favorite trophy of the day was a Seahawks jersey emblazoned across the back with “Op of the Year,” presented to him by Supervisor Rickey Moore and Acting Superintendent Ramona Dudley-Moore.

At a Hawaiian-themed celebration on May 27, North Base Superintendent of Vehicle Maintenance Elie Kourdahi named Ryan Stringfellow (on left in photo) as VM’s 2015 Employee of the Year. Speakers praised Stringfellow for his many achievements, including leading Metro’s maintenance roadeo teams to multiple wins at the local, state, and national levels. Stringfellow also racked up several first-place finishes in the non-operator Maverick Division of Metro’s Metroadeo driving competitions.

Ryan Stringfellow (left) receives Vehicle Maintenance's 2015 Employee of the Year from Rob Cannon (right)

Ryan Stringfellow (left) receives Vehicle Maintenance’s 2015 Employee of the Year from Rob Cannon (right)

He was first on the scene at two accidents near North Base, and received the Governor’s lifesaving award for his actions at one of them. As his lei-clad family members looked on, Stringfellow received a congratulatory banner from Kourdahi, a plaque from county Transportation Director Harold Taniguchi, a mockup of a sign to be placed on Metro buses from Deputy General Manager of Employee and Internal Services Rob Gannon, a certificate for a paid day off from VM Manager Randy Winders, and a personalized sign for a well-earned reserved parking spot from VM Assistant Manager John Alley.