Employees earned the public trust needed to pass Best Starts for Kids

Dear fellow King County employee,

King County Executive Dow Constantine

King County Executive Dow Constantine

Based on the latest vote count, it appears that voters have approved the Best Starts for Kids levy! We now have the opportunity to help put more children and youth in King County on a path toward lifelong success.

It’s a victory you helped make possible. Voters approve initiatives only if they believe we are effective stewards of taxpayer dollars. This vote is a reflection of the public trust we’ve earned, and it demonstrates that they appreciate the positive difference we make in people’s lives – and want us to do more.

We will apply the same outcome-focused, performance-based approach we’ve championed the past six years so that, when the levy expires in six years, we can continue to build on the public trust that provided us this opportunity.

Now, we have the chance to finally do what we’ve been talking about for years – invest in less expensive, more effective upstream solutions to some of our greatest challenges, such as mental illness, addiction, homelessness and incarceration. By working with community-based nonprofit organizations, we will expand access to prevention and early intervention services to deliver better outcomes.

I believe this will be another example of King County creating a successful, innovative model that is replicated in other metropolitan regions.

There are other jurisdictions in the United States that invest in early childhood development, most commonly preschool programs. What distinguishes our approach is that it invests throughout a child’s life to support healthy brain development, from before birth through age 24. It also invests in communities to ensure that the place where a child grows up reinforces progress.

I’m excited about what we will achieve by working together to turn science into action, and ensure that every child in our region reaches adulthood healthy and able to achieve his or her full potential in life.

Thank you for helping make this possible.


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Dow Constantine

King County Executive