And… We’re Off!

We revealed the 2015 Employee Survey Results today and now we’re embarking on an unprecedented effort to respond to the results. This is going to be exciting.

For the first time ever, we’re responding at every level of the organization. That means that departments, divisions and work groups will each have action plans to address issues that came up in the survey. And at the countywide level Best Run Government Employees will respond to the survey results.

This blog will follow our journey to address the results. I anticipate we will share successes and challenges. We will follow the stories of people doing the hard work of listening and changing and we will also share resources to help you along your journey.

Right off the bat it’s fascinating to see what drives engagement at King County. Each report has a page with 4 key questions to focus on. These are the strongest drivers of engagement for employees at that level of the county. Here’s how the consultant arrives at those 4 questions as the key drivers:

  • Engagement is defined as someone’s willingness to say, stay and strive: say positive things about where they work, stay working there and strive to get the job done. Questions 60 – 65 on our survey measure this.
  • Questions 1 – 59 in the survey measures the things that drive people’s desire to say, stay and strive. These drivers of engagement are: strategic alignment, senior leadership, role/relationship with manager/supervisor, peer culture, personal influence, growth and development, the nature of the job and employee recognition. In the report you can see questions 1 – 59 clustered by engagement driver.
  • The consultant does a statistical analysis showing the 4 engagement driver questions that have the strongest correlation to the say, stay strive questions.

This gives us good information about the best place to focus our efforts. The key questions are different for every department, division and branch of government, though there are overlaps.

Most action planning will focus on better understanding and addressing what we learn about the key driver questions. As we do this action planning we’re building on other things that are also geared toward helping us provide the best service possible to the public — Lean and Equity and Social Justice. with employee engagement all are important to King County becoming the Best Run Government — providing service that is effective, innovative and customer-centric. Their similarities, their differences and how they interrelate form a foundation on which we build the Best Run Government. We will use Lean methodology to guide our action planning. We want to truly understand the problems before we act on them, we want to involve everyone in responding and we want to check our progress. As we do this, it will be important to look through an ESJ lens at everything we are doing.