Employee survey participation continues to grow, nearing 50 percent in some departments

participation-rates2The 2016 Employee Survey, open until Friday, October 21, continues to gain responses, with some departments nearing 50 percent. View the data on the survey website to find out how your department is doing.

As a reminder, King County is committed to increasing equity, fairness, opportunity and social justice in all we do.  This includes equity in our employee experiences.  We are asking for you to complete demographic questions so that we can learn whether employees with different backgrounds and characteristics have significantly different work experiences at King County. This information will only be reported in the aggregate for groups 6 or larger. So please complete the personal details section. It will make the survey more meaningful. It will in no way lead to you being identified.

The email you received from 2016KCEmployeeSurvey@orcsurvey.com is unique to you and cannot be forwarded to others. Your responses are completely anonymous to King County and the consultant only shares analyzed results, never individual responses.

If you need your survey link resent or you did not receive your survey link, you can request it directly to the ORC International Support Desk at support@orcinternational.com. You can also contact the support desk if you are having technical difficulties with your online survey link.

King County Sheriff Office, District Court, and King County Superior Court employees are not participating in the 2016 Employee Engagement Survey. Only the Civil Division of the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office is participating in this year’s survey. Employees in other divisions are not participating this year.

The survey should take about 15 minutes to complete and can be taken during working hours. You can learn more about the survey at www.kingcounty.gov/employeesurvey.