Kudos! Management team volunteers time to United Way Day of Caring

Shared from the DCHS Touching Base Newsletter

Members of the Department of Community and Human Services’ management team participated in the annual United Way Day of Caring on Friday, Sept. 23. The staff met at 8:30 a.m. at the Children’s Therapy Center (CTC) in Kent, WA and spent the day improving the CTC campus.  Some of the team spent the day cleaning and sanitizing the children’s toys and playrooms and other interior spaces. Others worked outside to spruce up the CTC grounds, lawn mowing, weed whacking, pruning hedges, raking, seeding, and sweeping. A few sore arms and backs may have followed – but well worth the effort to see how great everything looked at the end of the day!

United Way of King County estimates they had over 13,000 volunteers working on more than 400 projects and generating over $1.8 million in volunteer labor in the United Way Day of Caring!

Pictured: Denise Rothleutner, Division Director, and Josephine Wong, Deputy Director, tame the unruly shrubs in front of the CTC building.

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