Area code changes are coming to western Washington

What you need to do know to avoid disruption 

arecodesOn July 1, 2017, western Washington will incorporate the new area code 564. The new area code is an overlay for phone numbers issued in the current 206, 360, 253, and 425 area codes and will cover new phone numbers only.  What this means is: As phone numbers in the current area code are no longer available, a new phone number will be assigned using the 564 area code.

As of July 1, 7-digit dialing when making local calls within the same area code will no longer be an option; everyone must dial all 10 digits for 206, 360, 253, 425, and 564 area codes when making local calls.

King County employees dialing from non-Skype (Lync) prefixes 263, 205 or 296, must dial 9+ their 10-digit number even if dialing another 206 employee.

To avoid disruption, please review and update or ask your maintenance providers to verify and reprogram all your dialing systems settings prior to July 1.  Any system or device with a phone number that has been pre-programmed may be affected.  Affected systems can include, but are not limited to: speed dial lists, FAX machines, credit card machines, postage machines,  internet dialup access, voicemail access, medical alert devices, safety alarm security systems, gates, and ankle monitors; Many modern devices default to 10-digit dialing, but not all.

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