Kudos to Career Support Services for helping employees manage careers and improve skills!

Career Support Services offers a variety of services, training and resources to King County employees in the areas of career development and job search, including support for career-service employees facing layoff. It has received rave reviews from employees who spoke with a career coach about their career plan, and also by employees going through layoffs. Employees from around the County have shared:

“This is an excellent resource, I plan on utilizing more of the services offered as well as letting my co-workers know.” –Department of Transportation 

“Very helpful, thank you for this service to employees. I think it is important to help employees improve themselves. It is a benefit to the employee and to the  County!’ – KC Information Technology 

“I’ve received excellent assistance from Career Services staff and finding a job sooner than I thought. Very caring staff.” – Department of Public Health 

For more information about the program and to make an appointment to speak with a Career Support Service staff member, visit the website.