Enhanced Wireless at the King County Courthouse

Update provided by KCIT

wifi cropped2King County Information Technology is pleased to announce completion of the King County Main Courthouse Enhanced Wireless Network project. This means all floors and all devices – from 12 to the basement, laptop to smartphone – will now experience top-of-the-line, high-speed connectivity 24/7/365.

Some of you may have already noticed that you can take your laptop anywhere and stay connected everywhere. It’s more than connectivity. You can download documents, check calendars, exchange email without standing next to a hot spot or returning to your desk.

This project supports the KCIT Strategic Technology Goals of “IT Mobility” and “Workforce Engagement.”

There are two networks available:

  • KCPublic – This is an open and unsecure wireless connection open to the public and for employee use on personal devices such as smartphones or tablets.
  • KingCTY — This is the King County secured wireless network.  It puts your device onto the same network as if you had plugged into one of the ports.  This network requires your device to have a SSL certificate to connect.  If you need help configuring this, open a helpdesk ticket.

 To appreciate the challenges of this project, it’s important to know that the King County Courthouse installed wireless in patches, connected to specific projects, not the actual building and the people who did business throughout the structure. Connectivity ranged from non-existent to excellent.

It’s important to recognize, too, that each floor had a different design – floor densities varied, layouts were inconsistent. This made construction difficult, but not impossible.

We want to make sure it’s working perfectly. So please contact us through a help ticket if something isn’t working.

We appreciate your patience while we completed this important project. We are onto our next project: District Courts.

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