See something, say something. Issues that is 

Crossposted from King County Parks Plog

As your King County Parks staff, our job is to keep your parks clean, safe and open. It is part of our daily routine. That said, stuff happens. Daily, if not hourly, staff can be rerouted to deal with any number of issues.

We of course handle anything we come across during our rounds, but sometimes, you visitors are onsite before we are. (Looking at you, “Training for a marathon before work,” and, “Dogs will eat my furniture if they don’t play in the field before 7 a.m.”

That’s why we have partnered with SeeClickFix – to make reporting the unexpected, inconvenient, or possibly dangerous issues easier and more efficient. This tool allows you to report what you have come across in our parks or on our trails directly from your mobile device or your desktop.

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