GoGreen and “The Future of Transportation” 

Crossposted from Inside Transportation

by Harold S. Taniguchi, Director, King County Dept. of Transportation

Local action will continue to be our path forward on climate, sustainability, mobility and equity in King County, as we saw at the recent GoGreen Conference in Seattle. Thanks to the leadership of King County Executive Dow Constantine, we are addressing these challenges and partnering with businesses and the community for shared success on green building, wind and solar energy, transit-oriented development, and the nation’s leading commitment on electric buses.

This was the fifth year of King County’s sponsorship of the event, and I had the privilege of moderating an expert panel on “The Future of Transportation.” Our group shared the promise and progress of on-demand vehicle services, shared mobility, and vehicle electrification. While we still haven’t reached the day of flying cars and the Jetsons that we imagined as kids, our discussion highlighted the speed of change and innovation and the need for public agencies to adapt, innovate, and partner to ensure the transportation of the future works for everyone.

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