Bridge Fellowship kicks off third year program with expanded group, more development opportunities

Twenty four employees from across King County have been selected to participate in the 2017-2018 Bridge Fellowship Program as part of the County’s Investing In You commitment to provide leadership and development opportunities to employees.

The Fellowship, open to all full-time and TLT employees, was reestablished in 2013-2014 by King County Executive Dow Constantine. The program was expanded in 2017. Bridge participants underwent a rigorous application and interview process before joining this year’s cohort.

Over the course of the program, participants engage in classroom learning, group projects, presentations and career development activities, as well as interviews and site visits to explore the County’s agencies and their priorities. By participating in the Bridge Fellowship program, employees will enhance their leadership skills, learn more about County systems and operations, and advance their professional development and King County careers.

The program is supported by the Human Resources Department and is led by Debra Baker. Together they have created a rich course that encourages participants to explore new possibilities, for themselves and for the organization.

The Bridge Fellowship Program is currently in progress but will take place again next year. Information about the program is available at

This year’s Bridge Fellowship participants are.

  • Sonia-Lynn Abenojar, DNRP, Capital Project Manager
  • Cynthia Adams, DNRP, Assistant Accountant
  • Christine Alba, DES, Fiscal Specialist
  • Preston Beck, DNRP, Project Control Engineer
  • Bridget Benson, King County Council, Legal Secretary
  • Jennifer Bonaventura, DES, Customer Service Specialist
  • Titus Chembukha, DCHS, Program/Project Manager II
  • Stasha Dennard, PH, State and Federal Affairs Liaison
  • Kimberly Fleming, DES, Program Manager
  • Lisa Ingraham (Schelander), DCHS, Social Worker
  • Cathy Jimenez, DOT, Senior Administrator
  • Kirk Jones, DOT, Electrical Worker
  • Penny Lara, DOT, Transportation Planner
  • Beth Ledoux, DNRP, Program Manager
  • Ashley Mareld, DAJD, Community Surveillance Officer
  • Delroy Mukungatu, DES, Fiscal Specialist
  • Joyce McCraney, PH, Community Health Worker
  • Nhi Nghe, PH, Administration Specialist
  • Jeremy Rivera, DES, Administrative Coordinator
  • Stephanie Sellers, DPD, Program Supervisor
  • Jeffrey Steuby, DOT, Custodian
  • Carrie Valderas, Elections, Elections Specialist
  • Miesha Vaughn, DES, Tort Claims Office