Kudos to officers during Probation and Parole Week, July 16-22, 2017

The following is a kudos from Catherine Thompson, a Probation Manager with King County District Court:

We would like to recognize King County District Court Probation Officer’s (P.O.’s) during National Pretrial, Probation and Parole Supervision Weekfocusing on Empowerment through Partnerships. An important part of supervision is understanding how we can work together to give clients the best chance of successfully reentering the community. We are continuously mindful of how to best utilize current and potential partnerships to the benefit of our clients. 

Probation services are provided to any defendant who is sentenced to probation by a judge, including primarily high impact and repeat offenders, those convicted of violent offenses, and those in need of drug, alcohol and/or mental health treatment. Probation supervision enhances community and individual safety and offers life-changing intervention by helping individuals to make better decisions.

In addition to the P.O.’s , an important part of our probation team are the Probation Clerks. There is a court clerk assigned to each courthouse location housing a KCDC Probation Services office.  Probation Clerks are often the first face that our clients see when entering our office. They are an excellent resource to the defendants and Probation Officers alike. 

It is a privilege and honor to work alongside King County District Court’s team of skilled and dedicated Probation Officers, Probation Mental Health Specialists and Probation Clerks. Their work is challenging but rewarding, difficult but necessary. These individuals are committed to improving public safety and reducing the likelihood that an individual will re-enter the criminal justice system, one client at a time.

Join us in recognizing our Probation Teams. Below are our District Court officers, specialists and clerks.

  • Auburn Courthouse: Probation Officers-Jay Gorham, Elizabeth Owens, Probation Clerk– Michelle Ewing
  • Kent RJC: Probation Officers– Nadine Wallace, Rachel Brooks-Bailey, Lema Hackett, Probation Mental Health Specialist– David Alber, Probation Clerk– Suzette Van Aken
  • Seattle Courthouse: Probation Officers– JD Pettitz, Chris Allen, Probation Mental Health Specialists– Steve Wede, Susan Butler, Heather McIntyre, Katherine Pfundheller, Probation Clerk- Naomi Pennington
  • Shoreline Courthouse: Probation Officers– David Sterner, Nicholas D’Angelo, Probation Clerk: Andrea Shao
  • Issaquah Courthouse: Probation Officers– Annette Pooley, Kari Goode, Lead Probation Officer– Samantha Corder, Probation Clerk– Margo Cusin