King County controls a new noxious weed!

Crossposted from Noxious Weeds Blog 

It’s not every day you find a new noxious weed in your county, but this August King County had one of those days. On Aug. 15, our program was alerted to an infestation of the Class A noxious weed ricefield bulrush (Schoenoplectus mucronatus) growing in a wetland just east of Redmond. Sean Davis with Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge in Clark County helped confirm the ID of the species. Prior to this discovery, the main known location of this plant in Washington state had been in the Ridgefield refuge, along with a few other populations in southwest Washington, such as Beacon Rock in Skamania County and Whipple Creek (part of Salmon Creek) in Clark County. 

On Aug. 16, Aquatic Lands Specialist Ben Peterson, County Lands Specialist Roy Brunskill, Regional Weed Specialist Patrick Sowers, and Riparian Projects Team Member Kirk Massee visited the site to control the infestation.