KCDOT works with local consulates to reach Spanish-speaking customers

Crossposted from Inside Transportation 

Pictured from left: KCDOT staff Jerry Pionk, Penny Lara, Director Harold Taniguchi, Consul of Mexico Dr.Roberto Dondisch-Glowinski and Metro GM Rob Gannon. Photo by Enrique Payan.

As part of our commitment to delivering accessible service to all residents of King County, regardless of their place of origin, KCDOT leadership recently met with the local consuls of five Latin American nations to help us improve our communications with Spanish-speaking customers. 

Nearly one of every 10 King County residents is of Hispanic/Latinx origin, according to the last census, and of those who speak Spanish at home, nearly half say they speak English less than “very well.” Language can become a barrier to using public transit, and elements of Metro’s printed bus schedules are now bilingual in Spanish. 

Consuls representing the nations of El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Peru met with us at King Street Center, while the Consul of Mexico hosted us in his office. Because the consulates are regarded as trustworthy sources of information for immigrant communities, KCDOT Director Harold Taniguchi opened a frank conversation about how Metro Transit can identify gaps in our services and identify new strategies to reach otherwise isolated communities. 

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