Breaking down barriers with Supported Employment  

King County’s Supported Employment Program matches job seekers with developmental disabilities to jobs by identifying efficiencies and unmet needs throughout King County government.

King County is celebrating Disability Awareness Month in October and recognizing the work that County employees do to serve and support people with disabilities in our community, including the Supported Employment Program. Many divisions have partnered with Christina Davidson, Supported Employment Program Manager, to hire through the Program to meet their business needs.

Recent hiring Departments and Divisions include: Dept. of Natural Resources and Parks in the Solid Waste, Wastewater and Parks Divisions, Dept. of Executive Services in the Finance and Business Operations Division, Dept. of Transportation in Roads and Transit Divisions, Dept. of Public Defense in the Associated Counsel for the Accused Division.

Executive Constantine urges, “All King County Departments to look at their recruitment plans and see how Supported Employment positions can meet their business needs and Equity and Social Justice goals.”

Watch the short video below that highlights success stories in Supported Employment Program and contact Christina Davidson to learn more about ways you can take advantage of this program.