Tech Tip: Reminder: Beware phishing and spam emails 

In light of a recent email phishing attack titled “King County Employee Feedback” KCIT would like to remind employees to be alert for phishing and spam emails, and to not open them.

KCIT is seeing an increase in phishing and spam emails being delivered to King County employees. Phishing is an attempt to obtain information from you which gives outsiders access to King County systems. Remember, if you receive an email asking you to provide any information, especially your login name and password, this could be phishing and you should be suspicious.

In addition, be cautious of emails with attachments from someone that you do not know or one that you did not expect. These can contain malicious software and compromise your computer.

Spam is simply email that you did not solicit and do not want. Generally these are not dangerous and can simply be deleted.

If you have concerns or questions, please contact the KCIT Service Center at 206-263-HELP (4357) or log a ticket at the HelpDesk website.