Get crafty this season with Green Holidays 

Get in the holiday spirit with a do-it-yourself (DIY) project this season. DIY gifting can be fun if you want to get crafty. Best of all, “Green Holidays” give a second life to items you already have at home, while reducing the environmental impact during the holiday season.  

For many years now, Project Manager Tom Watson has managed King County’s EcoConsumer Public Outreach Program. One of the programs that Tom coordinates is Green Holidays. 

“The program started in the late 1990’s as the “Waste Free Holidays,” working with businesses to promote giving “experience gifts” instead of stuff,” Tom said. “As Green Holidays, this program now covers all the different ways to reduce our environmental impact during all the winter holidays.” 

The volume of household waste in the US generally increases about 25 percent between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. “A lot of that waste is recycled and composted, especially in King County, which is great,” Tom said. 

Although not everyone has a knack for thinking outside of the gift box, there are various resources at your fingertips; look through King County’s More tips: Give green or other DIY projects on social media to get you thinking creatively.  

“Our Green Holidays website includes many ideas for simple crafts projects, for kids of all ages,” Tom said. “But even if you’re not interested in making your own gifts or decorations, there are countless ways we can reduce our eco-impact during the holidays.” 

A few ways to get started with green holidays this season are: buy holiday food and gifts grown or made locally or regionally to help support small businesses in your community; recycle your cooking oil (never put that down the drain!); and use energy-efficient holiday lights. 

“Our Green Holidays seasonal public education includes media appearances, articles and various other outreach,” Tom said. “We also answer a lot of direct questions from the public.”  

Contact Tom Watson for questions, or to share your own Green Holidays ideas at 206-477-4481 or