Tech Tip: Office Delve coming to you soon

On Dec. 19, KCIT is rolling out a new Office 365 product called Office Delve.

Delve is part of Office 365 and finds the documents you need no matter where they’re stored – from SharePoint to Planner to Excel. It’s designed to be a time saver.

You no longer have to hunt through each application one at a time to find something or see if it’s been changed and by whom.  It’s a great work hack or shortcut, fully supported by KCIT and accessible through your O365 waffle.

We strongly recommend checking out both the 2 minute video and the 12 minute video to fully appreciate the benefits Delve will bring to your work flow.  

Microsoft Office Delve comes your way Dec. 19. Delve is a new way to access, sort and track information across all Microsoft Products from SharePoint to Excel. It also enables you to track people you interact with each day or across each product.

Experience a new way of working with Office 365. See details below.

1. What is Delve?

Delve provides a user with a personalized home page within Office 365. It includes displays of recently accessed documents, colleague profiles, and a suggested-content feed. Topics that are likely to be of interest for a given user.

The user does not need to remember where the documents are stored or what they are titled.

2. How does Delve work with SharePoint and OneDrive Security properties?

Delve does not modify existing permissions settings in the Office 365 suite. Delve does not allow access to private documents or to any documents that have not been shared with a user. Also, a user’s private activities — such as recently read documents and emails — aren’t visible to other people.

3. Features – Includes but not limited to the following:

  • Update your profile. Manage picture, projects and skills — to make it easier for colleagues to find or connect.
  • Search a colleague or document.
  • Highlights people whom work on the same documents as you and similar documents that you may be interested in.
  • Content cards. Documents are presented on a card which includes title, photo, user who modified the document last, where the document is stored and the total views it has received.
  • User can create boards to collect related documents to be accessed at a later time, or organize documents related to a specific project, allowing access to everyone involved in that project.

4. Training – You can find free training from the following resources:

5. Getting Started

You can access Microsoft Office Delve by navigating through the Office 365 – My Apps page


Please contact KCIT Customer Support Services for any problems/questions.