Buy small and local through Amazon? Yes you can!

This is National Small Business Week. We know that small businesses are the backbone of our regional economy, contributing billions of dollars and thousands of jobs. King County has a long tradition of supporting local small businesses through our Small Contractors and Suppliers (SCS) certification program, as well as other efforts, and we want to do even more to support these entrepreneurs.

ambz-kcLast year, King County purchased nearly $1 million from thousands of sellers through Amazon Business – and we want to direct more of that spending toward small businesses.

If you use Amazon Business to purchase goods for the county, you’ll see that Amazon Business highlights SCS-certified small businesses as “preferred King County sellers.” If available, you’ll see their products first in your Amazon Business search results.

For purchases less than $10,000, you may use your discretion to purchase from these preferred sellers and support SCS-certified small businesses (even if it’s not the lowest price available). In September, we’ll evaluate how this approach benefits local small businesses, and the overall impact on King County spending. Our goal is to direct at least half of our purchases under $10,000 to small businesses.

Learn more about the Amazon Business Pilot program at here on the King County website or contact Procurement and Payables at

View this video to learn more about the pilot.