Kudos! to the King County Medic One team

The King County Medic One team gave a Facebookthree-medic-one-trucks tip-of-the-hat to “the good citizen” who reported a good deed by the team to the Seattle Times RAVE section. Good citizenship all around, including by our King County team members!

From Medic One’s post on Facebook: “Thank you to the good citizen who reported the following to the Rave Section of the Seattle Times RAVE: ‘To the medic from a King County Medic One who, as he was leaving Trader Joe’s, noticed a young mother juggling a baby and many bags of groceries to be loaded into her car. He took the time to set down his groceries and load the many bags for her so she wouldn’t have to juggle her little one and her bags. Such a wonderful display of simple human kindness that brought smiles to all of us who witnessed it!’”