Pet-of-the-Week twofur: Smidgen and Tidbit

Crossposted from Tails from RASKC

smidgen-tidbitThese senior miniature poodles were brought in a couple of weeks ago by a resident who found them. Smidgen and Tidbit love spending time together and are always found curled up together on their bed. These two are affectionate lovebugs who would love to cuddle up with you at home!

Smidgen has an adorable snaggle-tooth that adds to his character. Tidbit is also very charming, and has an adorable squeal she makes when she’s happy.

Because these two are older dogs, they will have some special care needs. RASKC’s staff and volunteers would be happy to talk to you about their needs when you visit! For more information, view the full post on Tails from RASKC.