EcoConsumer Repair Event at Kent Library June 12

The next King County community repair event, Kent Repair Time, is at the Kent Library Tuesday, June 12 from 3 to 6 p.m.

The King County EcoConsumer public outreach program sponsors free repair events around King County, where residents can bring small household items and clothing and our experienced, all-purpose fixers and sewers will work on them. You can learn repair tips as well! People bring in items such as lamps, vacuums, fans, chairs, tools, VCRs, music players, blenders, toasters, toys, pants, dresses, hijabs and more. Our overall success rate at these events for repairing and mending items – or helpfully diagnosing the problem (e.g., you may need to get a new part) – has been 80 percent or better.

Visit the King County website for more details about what you can bring and a full schedule of area repair events. Contact Tom Watson at or 206-477-4481 if you have any questions about these events.


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