Executive Constantine releases statement on passing of Executive Revelle

King County Executive Dow Constantine released the following statement on the passing of Executive Randy Revelle, who served from 1981-1985:

randy-revelle (002)

Randy Revelle, 1941-2018

“I considered Executive Randy Revelle’s legacy of public service last month when I announced a plan to protect tens of thousands of acres of farmlands, forests and shorelines. It was Executive Revelle who first launched the Conservation Futures Program in 1982, following a proposal from Executive Spellman. For many decades, we have protected green space in our county, and I am honored to have the opportunity to build on his original plan. Executive Revelle and his family wrote the history of this place.

“Their accomplishments over the generations as city councilmembers and other elected and appointed positions made us a more prosperous and inclusive community. Executive Revelle’s tirelessness, his passion for the underserved and, in particular, his commitment to health care for all, will continue to inspire our work, and provide an enduring example of a life dedicated to the betterment of our region.”

Flags at King County facilities will be lowered to half-staff on the day of Executive Revelle’s interment.

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