Pet tips: Pets and fireworks

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Fireworks are beautiful to look at, but they can be scary for our pets. The bangs and booms are hard on their sensitive hearing, and even the calmest pet can get upset by the unfamiliar loud noises.

Pets and fireworks RASKCTo help your pet cope with the noise from fireworks, and reduce the chance that it runs away, Regional Animal Services of King County offers these tips:

  • Keep your pet secured indoors in the quietest room of your home while fireworks are going off. You can also use soothing music or television as a distraction. Some pets will stay calmer when placed in a secure crate in a darkened, quiet room.
  • If your pet is normally kept outside, bring them inside or put them in a well-ventilated garage or shed or in a basement during fireworks displays.
  • Make sure your pet is licensed and has an ID tag or microchip. Pets with ID have a much greater chance of being returned to their owners.
  • Don’t assume that your pet won’t react just because you haven’t had problems in the past. Sometimes, pets become sensitive to loud noises later in life.
  • If your pet is lost, check in person at all local shelters, and check back often. It may take some time before spooked pets are brought to shelters.

Help for owners with missing pets

If your pet does manage to escape, RASKC is ready to help.

Animal services staff and volunteers at the King County Pet Adoption Center in Kent can help owners search the stray pet kennels, file a missing pet report, and create missing pet posters.

Owners of missing pets can also call the RASKC stray hotline at 206-296-3936 to hear a list of the pets picked up by animal control officers each day.

For more help, check out our Lost Pets information. If you’ve found a stray pet, visit our Found Pets page.

One Comment on “Pet tips: Pets and fireworks

  1. Fire Works in Unicorperated King County … Need to STOP NOW!!!! since you all don’t live here you don’t care. it is my life mission to get these things stopped … its not right that i have to medicated my dog and my self to make it past the 4th of July….They start blowing there shi* off on July 3, and don’t stop all night long… the towns of Auburn , Federal Way and others around us are based and you think its ok to let them come to our areas and blow there she* off its NOT… this will stop and you will fix it so we don’t have to put up with it anymore… its a fire danger , its a danger to all of our animals and our kids.. so tell me why YOU think we need to let the jerks come to our area and blow there JUNK off ?