Non-Skype voicemail users: reset your password, update your forwarding number

Today, KCIT is upgrading the AVST voicemail system used for automated attendants and voice mailboxes that are not on Skype. The main number in the system to make changes to auto attendant or voicemail recordings and to check voicemail messages will change from 206-296-0400 to 206-477-7799.

Non-Skype voicemail users:

  • You will no longer receive messages about any waiting notifications on your phone. You will be able to call in to get messages. If you need message notification, let UC/Telecom know and they can program an alternative method to notify you of messages.
  • You must update the destination for voicemail by changing your current forwarding from 206-296-0400 to 206-477-7799.

This is for those of us who are not on Skype. Contact Zita Prior if you need more information.