New Departments and Leadership Transitions

Dear fellow King County employee,


King County Executive Dow Constantine

I am grateful and inspired by the many years of service and accomplishments by members of the County leadership team. I want to let you know about a number of transitions taking place as we establish the Metro Transit Department, the Department of Human Resources, and the Department of Local Services, as well as other key leadership changes.

As you may have heard, in August the Council approved my proposal to create the new Metro Transit Department and confirmed my nomination of Rob Gannon as the director. The Council’s Government and Accountability Oversight Committee also just gave a “do pass” recommendation to the creation of the Department of Human Resources, which is up for final action on September 24th.

Just yesterday the Council approved the creation of the Department of Local Services, which includes the Road Services Division, the newly titled Permitting Division, and the Community Service Area program. We are in the final stages of the recruitment for the director who will lead this new Department.

Our Community and Human Services Director Adrienne Quinn will be leaving the County on November 30th for an appointment as Distinguished Practitioner at the University of Washington’s Evans School. She will help develop the next generation of local leaders in public policy after a very successful launch of the County’s Best Start for Kids program and developing new approaches to the delivery of effective human services.

Willie Hayes, the director of the Department of Adult & Juvenile Detention, has announced his December 1st retirement after 34 years of service. Willie is an example of an employee who worked his way up through the ranks, and his leadership will be missed. The recruitment for the new director is currently open for applications.

Finally, the process for selecting a new Public Defender for the Department of Public Defense continues. The Public Defense Advisory Board will be recommending candidates in October.

Our goal is to have the leadership positions filled by the end of the year. We are seeking outstanding candidates who can best support you, our employees, and we are committed to hearing your thoughts and voices as we recruit and select for these important positions.

Our commitment to be the Best Run Government combined with the Investing in YOU initiative keep the focus on the important work you are all doing. I look forward to sharing more information with you as we stand up these new agencies and go through these changes.

Thank you again for everything you do for our residents and our region.




Dow Constantine
King County Executive