Tech Tip: Email safety through Attachment Protection system 

Did you know King County employees are not only frequently targeted by malicious phishing emails trying to get our logon information, but are also often targeted by emails containing malicious attachments? Our employees get hit with about 150 emails containing malicious attachments every day.  The types of malicious attachments we are frequently hit with include PDFs, Word and Excel files. If one of our employees’ accounts got infected malicious files, it would not only affect their computer, but potentially the entire county system.

Lately, you may have experienced a delay opening attachments that is related to our new Attachment Protection system.  When you open the message, the attachment will show “Scan in Progress.” The Attachment Protection system is taking time to ensure the attachment is safe prior to allowing you to open it.  While most scans complete fairly quickly, it could take from two to five minutes.  This is normal.  If you need to view the attachment immediately, you can do this by clicking on the attachment placeholder and clicking on “Preview.” This will allow you to view the attachment safely in the body of the message while the scan is completing.

Another option is to use the collaboration features that are available in SharePoint and OneDrive.  As opposed to sending the file as an attachment, you can send it as a link following the Sharing Files from OneDrive and SharePoint instructions.